Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tom Cruise and Top Coffee

Here's a picture of Tom Cruise going somewhere and drinking something. It's a coffee thermos cup but there's no knowing if it has hot coffee in it or a banana smoothie with protein powder. It is really nice to see that he is trying to be green, though, and that he is not using a paper cup. This type of brushed stainless steel cup is okay for hot coffee for short periods of time but they shouldn't be washed out very much just a quick rinse after each use. Letting the coffee oils build up inside helps protect the delicate acids in the coffee from the reacting with the steel. I think the best thermoses are glass lined for storing coffee but there don't seem to be any glass lined thermos cups. In any case Mr. Cruise looks like he is on the go going somewhere. Maybe he's filming his new Arabica thriller "Top Coffee" and the coffee cup he's holding is one of his props. It sure would be nice if someone would send him some fresh roasted Mr. English Coffee beans so that he could experience something new and unique. I wonder if he drinks coffee or even really cares about what it tastes like. Even in exclusive affluent community gourmet grocery stores where most of the rich and famous shop the coffee is usually stale. I'm always surprised at how such stores can sell the finest wines costing thousands of dollars a bottle. Little bottles of olive oil that are so expensive they have to kept locked up in little glass cases and yet when it comes to coffee they usually have the mass market commercial likes of Peets or Starbucks that have been sitting around for what seems to be a century getting stale and rancid. Then people actually buy this coffee, drink it, and end up with a stomach ache from all of the rancid acid. At which point they put more and more milk in their coffee thinking that this will protect their delicate stomachs from all of that nasty coffee acid. I seriously doubt if they were to buy a smashed wrotten tomato that upset their stomach that they would ad milk to it to protect their stomach from it's putridness and yet that is exactly what happens in regards to stale coffee that has been sitting on the shelf of the most exclusive markets in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Laguna Beach, etc. In the case of Mr. English Coffee we don't even believe in stocking it in a supermarket unless the local vendor is willing to regard it as a perishable item in the line of a fruit or vegetable that has to be closely monitored for freshness.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co..

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan

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