Saturday, March 16, 2013

It seems as though drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day will do more than just keep you awake and feeling happy. It might also save your life. At least I hope so!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I heard today that if Tokyo Japan is chosen for the 2020 olympics that JR will hurry up and open the linear train (mag lev) by 2020. This info. came from a very powerful and very successful president of a fairly large Japanese co. that knows these types of things very well. So I believe it could be true. I've never really cared where an Olympic venue would be held but in this case I'm really routing for Japan. Because I really want to ride on the linear train so I can get to Tokyo in 40 minutes and Nagoya in 10 minutes from my home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Altnernative Energy

Japan's exports are up but it's trade deficit increased. Mainly because of the fact that it's nuclear power plants are off and it has to import fossil fuels for generating it's power. Prime Minister Abe will ask president Obama to make a better pricing system on LNG gas. Good Luck! The problem president Obama has is that the anti nuclear power lobby is so strong in the U.S. now. but the pro nuclear lobby hasn't gone anywhere either. So my guess is that the U.S. will try and push Japan to turn it's nuclear power plants back on to try and reprove the failed myth that nuclear power is safe. They'll probably even try and push Japan to build more nuclear power plants. My best guess is that Japan will turn back on it's nuclear power plants to try and reduce it's trade deficit while it is trying to turn around the economy by increasing exports. If all of the people who are really against nuclear power had invested in solar power it could have been different. It's easy to say you are against nuclear power. But nothing will really change as people continue to use energy without any other alternative. If more Japanese co.s and residential users had installed solar panels. And if the Japanese government had immediately invested in other alternative energy sources (geothermal, hydro electric, wind, wave, etc.) things could have been different. But Japan has come full circle and it is back in the same situation as it was in the 1970's when it first succumbed the U.S. nuclear power industry. I'm doing my best to install solar panels. I've put in 10 kw and I'm planning on many many more as financing permits. Immediately next month another 10kw. I'm sad to say that the Japanese government request for low priced LNG will fall on deft ears to president Obama. Because it is not in the interest of moving the world to cleaner energy. If anything the price of LNG will be increased. So I'm very sad to say that the Japanese nuclear power plants will probably be turned back on and Japan will enter into its next stage of nuclear power generation. With undoubtedly new nuclear power plants that will be proposed to replaced the already outdated older ones. I don't think that people who use energy have the right to complain about nuclear power plants and their dangers. I think that those that don't use any energy do have a right to complain. But the only way that would be possible would be if one were totally disconnected from the modern world. You'd have to live like a caveman on top of a mountain in a complete primal state to have not consumed electric energy in some fashion or other. Meaning that even if you live in the dark your shirt that you wear on your back was produced using a sewing machine that probably used electricity. So there really is no way of not being responsible for nuclear power unless you were to live a complete an utter primal existence. Then you would have the right to complain about nuclear power. But complaining is complaining. Doing something that you can about it is much better! Such as installing solar panels or other alternative energy sources if you have any means. Choosing to give your business to those co.s that have installed alternative energy sources. Writing to those co.s that haven't and complaining to them for not doing so. etc. etc.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

M-mart. Internet outlet shopping.

Today's roast was mostly for m-mart orders. Coffee 24/7 a.m. and p.m. blends. If you are in Japan and you are not familiar with m-mart you should definitely check it out. It's an internet outlet site and you won't find better prices and better products anywhere. Right now Mr. English Coffee roasting co. is selling it's new brand coffee 24/7 for 8,900 yen for 10 kg. And that includes shipping. For a fresh roasted specialty bean in Japan you absolutely will not be able to beat this pricing.

A few pictures of Aderagawa river. Pure eye candy!

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Nights Hot Coffee.

Now that the cool nights of fall have arrived in Japan nothing tastes better that a cup of piping hot coffee in the morning. Many people have their own idea as to exactly how hot a cup of coffee should be. My mother likes it so hot that it would actually burn your mouth to drink it. Others prefer room temperature coffee, their idea being that extremely hot coffee doesn't have much actual coffee flavor. My personal idea is that it doesn't really matter what temperature you drink your coffee at as long as you've tried it at every temperature and finally arrived at your ideal level. One thing for sure is that when your hands are freezing in the early morning the hotter the better to thaw your fingers out.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co..

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coffee 24/7 is #1

Mr. English Coffee Roasting Co.'s new brand Coffee 24/7 was created to address the extreme downturn in the world and especially the Japanese economy. We have now developed and brought to market the freshest roasted and delicious coffee blends that are easily affordable for the majority of Japanese people. Coffee 24/7 is not just for those who are pinching pennies and worrying about their economic futures and survival but for anyone who wants the a great fresh cup of specialty coffee. Now Coffee 24/7 brand has pushed the bar even lower with it's absolute guarantee of being hands down the lowest priced coffee in Japan. This guarantee is not one of just being lower priced than other micro roasters. This is an everyday price guarantee of being the lowest priced of all other coffee out there. Simply show us any verifiable proof of a lower or better priced coffee out there in the nation of Japan and we'll match or beat that price. At Mr. English Coffee Roasting Co. we've always beat our competitors in freshness and quality and now we've gone one step further and extended our reach in having the best price.

All Coffee Custom Roasted Upon Order, Packed In Sealed Aluminum Valve Bags, And Rush Shipped Free Same Day. Average Turnaround Time Is 48 Hours! Coffee 24/7 Is Hands Down The Best And Freshest Coffee In Japan. Guaranteed Freshness And Extreme Quality Is Not Only Our Co's. Philosophy But Our Absolute Promise. Coffee 24/7 Is An Internet Only Special Brand Of Mr. English Coffee Roasting Co. Our Catchphrase And Commitment Is "Gourmet Coffee For Connoisseurs". We've Always Been Radically Serious About The Hyper Fresh Quality And Superiority Of Our Specialty Coffee. Now With Our New Coffee 24/7 Brand We Are Also Offering Free Delivery And Pricing That Just Can Not Be Beat By Other Specialty Micro Roasters.All Coffee 24/7 Brand Coffee Is Roasted On Our Newest Diedrich 12 Kg. Infrared Gas Fired Roaster. This Type Of Roaster Is The Latest In Cutting Edge Coffee Roasting Technology. The Infrared Gas Burners Have Exceptional Radiant Heat Qualities. This Allows The Creation Of Roast Profiles That Bring Out The Full Flavor Qualities Of The Coffee Without Burning The Beans. Our Coffee 24/7 A.M. Blend Is A Light Medium Profile. And Our Coffee 24/7 P.M. Blend Is In A Deep Medium Profile. Light Roast Coffee Tends To Have A Higher Caffeine Content As Less Caffeine Is Burned Out In The Roasting Process. Making Our A.M. Blend The Perfect Tasty Choice For Those Hard To Get Go Mornings.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan

Coffee 24/7.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chemex and Aeropress coffee makers

We're selling out our stock of Chemex coffee makers on Yahoo-Japan auction. Chemex is very popular right now because of one small magazine article. Like with all other booms in Japan it will undoubtedly be fleeting.

For our long term plans we will stick with marketing the Aeropress. It hasn't hit a boom in Japan yet but when it does we'll be ready.

Visually the Chemex is much more appealing but in practicality and taste Aeroress wins hands down. My favorite cup of coffee is still just an old fashioned hand drip with a regular cheap filter cone. But for the coffee connoisseurs that prefer a rich cup of coffee without any bitterness or acidity the Aeropress just can't be beat.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan