Friday, February 13, 2009

Madonna drinks frappacino?

It's really hard to tell by the picture whether Madonna is drinking a Peets Frappacino or a Starbucks coffee slop shake. But it definitely looks like some kind of coffee blended drink. It's quite interesting the amount of people who like to carry their coffee with them in take out cups. It's almost as if they are going through life as one giant movie with popcorn in hand. The origins of the takeout culture date back to the world fair in Saint Louis in 1904. They needed to keep people moving rather than sitting in one place because the logistics of trying to provide tables and seating for the large numbers of attendees were astronomical. Everything was designed as much as possible to make it portable and easy to carry so that people could walk around looking at the events while eating and drinking rather than sitting and relaxing as was the norm. This was the beginning of our modern day walk away culture. Rather than sitting in a cafe for a few minutes and relaxing while drinking our favorite beverage many prefer to take it out in a paper or plastic cup so they can sip on it while they are also trying to operate their motor vehicle, use their cell phone, and play with their car stereo all at the same time. Then when they are finished with their drink they have to remember to take the throw away cup out of their car when they park otherwise the next time they get in with another cup they will have trouble because there is still an empty one in the cup holder.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co..

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan

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