Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When Pigs Fly!

Though it is an apparent impossibility for pigs to fly in the case of the swine flu it appears that a pig based virus has in fact flown around the world. I'm curious as to whether people who have been vaccinated for seasonal influenza on a yearly basis have any more resistance to the h1n1 swine flu than individuals who have never been vaccinated.

There are reports that this virus is not purely one of nature and that according to one eminent virologist is a virus that has accidentally or purposefully escaped from a laboratory. This would definitely explain why they haven't been able to find the source of the infection in Mexican pigs. Is this the major event that vice president Biden referred to that president Obama was going to have to deal with in the beginning of his presidency?

Certain isolated tribes throughout the world (that even to this day are self sufficient and have zero contact with the outside world) may end up being the only ones not affected by this crisis. Albeit they'll be victims in the future upon any contact because they will not have developed any immunity to it and a host of other common human based pathogens.

I believe that the world has entered a new frontier in the war on terror. I call it a war on terror because the constant threat of living in fear of catching the swine flu is a real terror for the worlds masses. This virus is something that we really do need to declare a war on. It numbers in trillions upon trillions and trillions of virulent little creatures. Humans are the real underdogs in this battle. Time is truly of the essence. This most recent pandemic is possibly just a warning of a sort. It couldn't have come at a much worse time when the economy has already been hammered to the point of a full on economic depression.

It is very sad that so many have already passed away as a result of this illness. It is of little relevance or consolation to the affected families and friends that statistically more people die in their bath everyday. Or that so many die from food poisoning etc. The media continue to review these cases as being so few and almost normal in comparison with other seasonal influenza. Why is the value of any human life trivialized in such a manner. If even one person were lost to this particular disease it would be one to many. The horror is not in the actual numeric number of those that perish or will perish but in the perception of the horrific. This mass media belittling of the apparent few number of fatalities so far incurred likewise doesn't comfort those who have lost loved ones to this terrible worldwide pandemic. The wife of a school vice principal in New York may have been willing to exchange the lives of millions of unknowns for the life of her beloved. In many ways it might be easier to accept if your loved one did drown while taking a shower than to be a victim of these silent evil virulent invaders.

My grandfather the late Reverend Carol H. Pederson was pronounced dead at the age of 18 in the year of 1918 from the Spanish Flu. As he was being carried away on a stretcher to be burned or buried he miraculously came back to life and sat up. The attendants carrying his stretcher thought he was a ghost and screamed as they dropped him and ran away. Luckily for me he did come back to life or I would never have been born. I hope many other people will come back to life from this Mexican Swine Flu. The world governments and their highly paid bureaucrats should have taken much swifter action. They knew this day was coming and when it came they sat rather idly by while the flu spread from country to country. Now it is too late and the terrible genie is out of the bottle. We'll all just have to ride this one out and hope (for some to pray to their god or gods) that the present swine flu will not marry the bird flu in Asia. Such a combination could possibly destroy well over half of the world population if not contained. Humans may not be affected the same as chickens but at times our leaders and rulers who are paid and supported to protect us really smell foul.

When the bird flu was killing millions of chickens in China the Chinese government allowed or perhaps even provided a generic type tamiflu or it's equivalent to the thousands of chicken farmers. The virus developed an immunity to the seeming miracle drug as a result. The bird flu is still prevalent throughout asia and if partnered with the human human infection rate of the swine flu the world is in real horrifying trouble. It is paramount that the world at this moment and time immediately dedicate all of it's resources in to developing effective vaccines for these threats. Present reports are that the bird flu has around a %60 fatality rate in an average healthy population.

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Cellphones pop popcorn!

I remember when cellphones first started becoming popular and widely used. At first there were many press reports citing the danger of brain cancer. Then there were contradictory reports in the mass media that they were relatively safe. At last there was just complacency in regards to their use and worldwide domination. Well, seeing is believing. Make sure to check out this video.



Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.-Japan