Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Queen Of England And Ronald Reagan.


The Queen of England apparently likes coffee with caffeine and President Reagan drank decaf according to this little video clip. We can also see former first lady Nancy Reagan and former President Ford at this little tea party with coffee. I wonder what their reaction would have been if they had been served some Mr. English coffee. I have no idea as to what they were drinking other than it was caffeinated or decaffeinated but in those days that was about the only amount of thought put in to a cup of coffee. If people actually received a cup of coffee that really tasted good they thought it was an extraordinary event.


I remember the day that Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States was the day my late father quit drinking. He said that Ronald Reagan was a great actor and quite comical in shows such as Bed Time For Bonzo but the idea of an actor being elected president was really shocking for him. President Reagan had many supporters and detractors alike. I always support my president whether they be democrat or republican as they are the president. That doesn't mean I have to vote for them, though, the next time around. I think that if president Reagan were still alive that he would be very proud of Americans for electing President Obama. That surely doesn't mean he would have voted for him.


The final last sentence of this video is incredibly interesting. It's a comment by Queen Elizabeth and it is almost as though she could look into the future and see this day in time 2009. The comment interested me so much that I ended up watching this clip more than several times. It's truly a must see. I definitely wouldn't have wanted what they were serving up in that silver pot though. I can't tell if it was silver but I imagine it could have been so. Stainless steel acidifies coffee quite enough. I shudder to think of what even a few minutes in sterling silver would do the coffee.


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