Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. English Coffee Roasting co.

Mr. English Coffee Roasting Co. is curious as to what kind of coffee, if any, famous people around the world drink.  We pride ourselves in knowing ever so many details about coffee and it's history and yet we really have no idea as to what the worlds most famous people regularly consume coffee let alone what kind or brand of coffee they drink.  

The president of the United States, the queen of England, Bon Jovi, Meg Ryan, Jackie Chan, Luciano Pavarotti, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, etc. etc. Mr. English Coffee Roasting co. would like to start compiling this on-line blog in pursuit of the everything and anything about the coffee drinking habits of the most famous people in the world past and present.  Any assistance as long as it is truthful and factual will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Well, I don't know whether Bon Jovi drinks coffee or not but here is an article from the New York times about his concern that someone named a sports drink after him.

    July 20, 2007

    When it comes to energy drinks, rock star Jon Bon Jovi thinks this guy gives coffee a bad name.

    The Jersey rocker wants the owner of the Mijovi energy drink to change its name, arguing it is too similar to his name.

    But Marcos Carrington says his coffee-based energy drink honors his girlfriend, named Jovita. "It is just unfair," he said.

    After Jon Bon Jovi, who lives in Middletown, saw a can of Mijovi for sale in a Red Bank cafe, his lawyers sent Carrington a letter demanding that he stop using the name Mijovi.

  2. I tried to check on-line and I'm sure the info. is out there but with so much data it is hard to find anything about the drinking habits of the worlds famous people. The following is about Tiger woods promoting a Japanese canned coffee called Wonda coffee. I wonder if he really drinks it. Ooh Yuck!

    Asahi Soft Drinks Co. took a new marketing approach with the release of Wonda Morning Shot in October. The strategy of literally telling consumers when to drink seemed to pay off. About 1 million boxes were sold within the first week of the launch, a quarter of the target set for the end of the year.

    "Canned coffee products lose their appeal quicker these days, so we need new marketing angles," Tomoaki Yoshida, chief of the firm's product development group.

    Featuring Tiger Woods in commercials, the Wonda brand helped the maker expand market share from when it debuted in 1997.

    However, after peaking at 25 million boxes in the second year, sales fell flat, and even a renewal of its product line failed to deliver last year -- until Wonda Morning Shot debuted.


  3. Bored? Well I guess we all need a hobby.