Monday, March 23, 2009

Drew Barrymore With Her Morning Joe.

Drew Barrymore is quite the looker. Especially when she looks so happy. It's not clear from these photos exactly what she's drinking but it does look like it's either coffee or tea. My guess would be coffee. Coffee always makes me smile, too.

It's great to see that she's turned over a new leaf and embraced a life of sobriety. From what I've read her younger years were quite tumultuous and she went through some very hard times.
he's really not only a very beautiful woman but an extremely talented actress as well.

Drew Barrymore is also one of the very few handful of actresses or actors that could make the transition from childhood fame to an adulthood professional acting career.

I suppose that one of the main reasons that celebrities continue to go out to get their coffee to go and take home is that they still want to be seen. It must get boring staying at home hiding from the paparazzi all of the time. Though they appear to be angry at times by the attention I can't but help to think that they also occasionally need the attention. All of the fame and wealth that they have achieved is at times meaningless unless they can descend down into the ranks of us common folk who admire and recognize their presence. In the small social circles that the rich and famous people of the world revolve in there is an incredible amount of isolation from the realities of the rest of the world. Walking into a local cafe is one way in which they can attempt to keep in touch with the rest of us mere mortals. At least I'm a mere mortal with a great cup of coffee everyday, though.

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